The expedient path

All beautiful things were in disrepair stage,

Pride, incredulity and relinquish attitude piled up,

Brain took over the fort,

Inner melancholy grew erratic,

Witnessed hopes getting wrecked,

Seeding of inner desires to build a self crystal clear world was in progress,

Old chapter lost its charm in present yet teaching a beautiful lesson,

Evolving darkness made her appreciate everything that shines,

Dropped every old leaves of the past to proliferate new life,

Eventually, she drowned in the ocean of her to do lists & took a deep of breath fulfilment, 

Now her life is a hurricane.

In the end,
” A beautiful realization stuck in her head that we are here only for a moment”


POV: Begining of new life;;;; Location: Wartberg, Germany


I wanna go on a road trip alone.
With a set of necessitous.
Where I don’t have to match anyone’s often-ness to plan and put a barricade to my inner craziness.
Stop at a random beautiful scenery and stand on a wall and shout my heart out salutations to the mother nature.
Visit a tiny little roadside tea stall and savor a cup of tea with hot junkie on a rainy day.
Lead a life without fetching any attention or being coddled.
Enjoy self companionship with my camera and capture entropy.
Walk barefooted draw close to a beach and recreate with the waves.
Imbibe the smell of a solid ground on a rainy day in a deserted area and stay blank out for a while.
Hop into a ship, stare at raising and lowering sails.
Build a castle put my mental imagery in it.
Halt a night in a tree house with all candles lit up.
Eat Maggi in the midnight with backdrop playing my favorite music .
“Spend the  rest of my life alive by doffing my sarrows “



Bring out..

IMG_20160410_170449Hey dream catcher please whisper out what my inner soul wants,

Bring out the dreams which are hidden,
so that
I can  prioritize my wants in life”

Bring out the dreams which are hidden,
So that
“I can understand the strength of my mind”

Bring out the dreams which are hidden,
So that
“I can satisfy my soul by fulfilling it”

Bring out the dreams which are hidden,
So that
“I get to meet my gutsy side”

Bring out the dreams which are hidden,
So that
“I can get into my own new world “

Bring out the dreams which are hidden,
So that
“I can avoid regression phase later “

Bring out the dreams which are hidden,
So that
” I can dare to my biggest dream “

Bring out the dreams which are hidden,
So that
” My fairy tales go into live “

Bring out the dreams which are hidden,
So that
“I can enter into my dark  zone and bring out sunshine in the morning “
Image dream catcher

Adventures with my Best friend..

Dear Shru,

It is strange that sometimes you meet a person and your thoughts just click,you’re comfortable  with them,like you’ve known them your whole life,and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything that is the exact feeling when i met you.

I couldn’t dream of any sweeter guy than you whom , I share my weird thoughts,my sorrows,my frustrations, my insecurities, my happiness & what not.I am really grateful for you because you are the only one person who made me lift my head when i was losing faith on myself.

I also love the fact that I have someone with whom I can share everything and trust blindly.Ever since i met you ,no one has been worth thinking about. Your charming and always smiling personality attracted many ( list goes till infinity).Though sometimes i get frustrated  thinking that  “my best friend is only my best friend“.I still let you enjoy flirting so that me and Nikhil get a chance to pull your legs.

There’s no one who does dance like you      –>  (don’t kill me),
There’s no one who sings as bad as you do  –> (lol),
There’s no one who cooks as cool as you do –>  (hmm yummy),
There’s no one like you who is always ready to help everyone –> (Ahem ahem).

Sometimes I wonder how my France life would have been without you.You always stood by me when others  troubled.It’s going to be a year since I know you , the masters at Manipal , local places expedition and of course bike rides are unforgettable.Life in Rouen, Cooking sessions at nikhil’s room, Belgium and Amsterdam trip, Technical project,Seminars, shopping, walking,photography without you is a big zero.I seriously dono how to thank you  but definetly I’m lucky to have you as my best friend.

Let me stop being sentimental  and come to the point,

“Happy Birthday Shruthishaaaaaa.May all your dreams come true.Sending a big virtual  birthday hug for you.”
“I know you’re going to give your best in your internship at Bosch”
“All the best for your future endeavors”.


I miss you a lot on your birthday , see you soon in Germany till than save money for the treat (Konjuice Budhi in this is not acceptable :p).
Thanks for being my best friend, Love you loads.




I like being a flower,
Which doesn’t think of competing to the flower next to it & “just efflorescences“.

I like being a flower,
Which grows through the dirt & “blossoms the aroma“.

I like being a flower,
Which gives nectar to the bees and butterfly’s survival & “feasts redolence“.

I like being a flower,
Which grows out of dark moments & “unfolds felicity in the morning“.

I like being a flower,
Which is the reason for the fact that “earth japes in it

I like being a flower,
Which flights against all raving mad conditions & “endures against all the hostile“.


The Beginning of new life..


There is a new life in soil
for every human being,
There is a healing in the trees
for tired minds,
There is an enchanting music in the fresh air
for a music lovers,
There is a satisfaction in rain
for pensive sadness,
There is a brightness in sunshine
for murky minds,
There are flowers which adds warmth
to the room of soul,
There are rivers which makes us
so inspiring and restful,
There is a strength in hills,
if only we lift up our eyes..
Overall “Nature” is a great restorer.


So let us all take an oath that the true meaning of life is planting a tree under whose shade you don’t expect to sit.

Go green , Save mother earth..!!


There is an inner voice which always whispers you

“you’re doing it right or  you’re doing wrong”.


When your trust is meant to be broken

“invested it on a wrong person”;

When the fakeNess is meant to be hidden

” some favour is needed from your side “;

When you’re highly immersed in care it’s

“just a matter of time”;

When you share your secrets to them it is just

“an opportunity for them to judge you”;

When you need them the most

” they are meant to be escaped”;

When track record of having faith on friendship is increasing it is

“just a mistake get that straight”;

When you relish the old good memories

“forget it ! Why to waste time when they’re least bothered”;

When memories haunt

” drama queen: enough of your nuisance”;

When I’m ready to forgive

“you just need an another chance to get hurt again”;

In the end life shouts at you saying

” another lesson of life”.

There is a voice inside you 
That whispers all day long,
“I feel that this is right for me,I know  that this thing is wrong.
“No teacher ,No preacher,No parent , or a wise man can decide
What’s right for you- just listen to the voice that speaks inside you.


Ramya Rao